A Foolishly Ghoulish Delight - review by Topher Adam

A Foolishly Ghoulish Delight - review by Topher Adam

Step right up, foolish mortals, and prepare for a frightfully funny adventure in the new Haunted Mansion movie, "A Foolishly Ghoulish Delight"! Picture this: I entered the theater with a skeptical raised eyebrow, but as soon as the eerie music started playing, my doubts vanished faster than a ghostly apparition. This film was packed to the brim with all the mansion madness, delectable delight, and pure foolishness I could ever ask for!

Now, don't be spooked by the spirits lurking around the corners, for they'll charm their way into your heart, just like they did with me. This adaptation really delves into what makes the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, California, such a beloved and timeless attraction. I mean, it took Disney forever to conjure this movie, but now that it's here, I'm head-over-heels (or should I say headless?) with joy!

Let's talk about Madame Leota - the mystical medium with her all-balled-up spell book. She had me enchanted throughout her screen time, but I'm left wanting to know more about her wickedly intriguing history. Perhaps a spin-off just for her? Disney, please take my money! And can we talk about Jamie Lee's cameo as the clairvoyant? While she only appeared as a floating head a few times, her presence left me feeling like she's destined to return in future spooky spectacles. The suspense is killing me, and maybe the ghosts too!

Those doombuggy-like chairs were a stroke of genius, giving us both spine-chilling chills and belly-aching giggles. Rolly Crump would be proud of these mischievous contraptions! And let's not forget the hidden treasures, just like a goblin seeking a precious gem. They kept me on my toes, searching for every wondrous detail as if I was on a scavenger hunt from the beyond.

Now, Jared L as Hat Box Ghost turned out to be quite the character, and I must say, he's no villain but rather a hat-filled enigma. It's like he played a game of hide-and-scare with us, and it worked like magic. Kudos to the creative minds behind this delightful twist! And speaking of twists, some cameos were as unexpected as a ghostly tap on the shoulder, leaving me both baffled and amused. But hey, if they're happy to be haunting the screen, who am I to ghostbust their parade?

Now, let me tell you, this movie had me grinning from ear to ear like a Jack-O'-Lantern at Halloween. I'm already planning my second visit to the theater, haunting the showtime at 3 pm tomorrow! With a 999% positive review of ghosts following you home this summer, it's practically a graveyard smash hit!

So, what are you waiting for? Summon your courage, face the unknown, and hurry back to experience the whimsical wonders of "A Foolishly Ghoulish Delight." Trust me, this film is to die for, in the best way possible! And remember, we're just dying to hear what you think! Happy haunting, everyone! πŸ‘»

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Thanks for the review, wasn’t quite sure how this was going to go, now I can’t wait to see it!!!

Stuart Kuramoto

Awesome and great review


Awesome and great review


Love it Can’t Wait! I knew this was a Winner!

Damon Carson

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