Acts against the Human Race . . . . By Topher Adam

Acts against the Human Race . . . . By Topher Adam

Acts against human existence


I’m broken-hearted we sit here attached, eyes glued to our digital devices watching through social platforms a sociopath misleading his people to destroy and kill innocent people for his own selfish needs, a madman acts against humanity, and for what really. While we are afraid of what his unstable decisions could do and affect so many of us on this globe we all inhabit equally. Yet we’re helpless, hopeless, and angry our leaders sit and do nothing because of agreements made for invisible borders. Yet he is one speck of dust on this planet and we sit idly by as he continues this pointless insecure acts of terrorism against a country he wants for fear he may not have the security he wants against the rest of us on our only home.


Putin doesn’t deserve to be part of humanity, those who agree with him don’t deserve to be part of humanity. Collectively as a global agreement, she is the most hated individual currently on earth. How would you feel If you were that hated and knew the world was watching and you were target number one?


I’m sad by the state of this, watching, reading, listening as our elected officials let this happen for fear of WW III? I’m disgusted by the populous complaining that our government is the cause of our gas prices, yet they are supporting sociopaths to lead like Putin is in Russia. I’m not one for politics, either side, but I am sick of watching this nightmare, going to sleep hopefully we wake up. Hopeful Ukraine is still its own country.


One thing I am happy about is knowing we can as a people request and demand peace uniformly by putting sanctions against the actions of these atrocities. Does that mean we as a people can find peace somehow together uniformly?


My heart weeps daily for the unnecessary loss of these innocent people. We are all we need, we don’t need more, power is pointless when we all die. Power is unnecessary for one over another. We are all we need. We can all manage with what we have, and war is a senseless act for something one country believes they need over another.


As a race we are destructive, and evil upon ourselves. He doesn’t deserve it, his lies and actions on his people, Ukraine, and the rest of us in fear of nuclear atrocities are all acts against humanity. The government is acting against humanity, and we need to unite differently in a way we ever have to save our planet, the longevity of the human race, and we must make history different for all that come after us.


This is a disgrace that as a collective of consciousness, we; the world can act against this one man. Not living in fear, but living in grace and honesty of each other and saving the innocent lives of all. It’s 20fkn22 and this isn’t how we should be acting in this day and age. We need to get our shit together already. Stop your differences, stop your political bullying, stop your hate against one another. This isn’t a time to destroy one another, it’s a time to unify one another and see that lives do matter, all of them, your racism has a deep root out of greed and shame, and it doesn’t have a place in this life now. Your religious differences do not live in a modern age and are rooted in fear of the unknown. We as a race have advanced and learned and educated ourselves to understand more through facts proven in science. It’s a time to awaken oneself, become aware of consciousness, and how to be empathetic to all, not some. You do not matter more than your neighbor, or a stranger. We all were born on this planet to experience its gifts, not to destroy them through selfish self-righteousness. If anything is learned from the actions of Putin is, one man's ideas and beliefs should never hold the power to start a war over the fear of what he may lose. We should learn that we all have a collective voice over what happens on this planet and so far we have fucked it up and caused too much pain over trivial man made up bullshit that is below us and it’s not what any god would want for the growth of a heart and it’s compassion among all things in a lifetime.


One's journey through our existence and travel along the paths of the unknown should be together, never separate, always helping and encouraging growth towards a brighter future for all to succeed and live as happy, and as peaceful without fear of what tomorrow may bring.


How dare we watch this, and allow it to continue and not be active together on our only planet. Disgusting and shameful beings we are. If we were visited by an alien species, I wouldn’t want them to know more about us, id be ashamed of us, I don’t know why they would look down on us and shake their heads wondering why we are so evil against one another. Shameful!


I hate that existence had an opportunity to be better, but as it evolved humans allowed differences to dictate how we should be and behave and that we have to hide who we are for fear of these made-up societal rules judging us. Man-made up everything and we are so hateful to each other because of our own mislead beliefs of who and what we should and shouldn’t be.

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