Disney art isn't always Disney made, they steal it from fan artists like me.

Disney art isn't always Disney made, they steal it from fan artists like me.

Have you heard about the Tiki Drummer 3D model that has been actually plagiarized by a Disney and a "Disney artist? The original fan artist Andrew Martin has brought it to the attention of millions around the globe. Well, yeah, I have the same story on three occasions. Watch Video here to see Andrews story. 

Here is my story....

Stolen Proof image 1

This isn’t the only design they have stolen and called it theirs. Disney is known for taking fan artist work and making it their own knowing that artists are an easy resource for work. “I mean, it’s theirs right after all!!!!” No, the thing that is theirs is the figure/ornament and the experience of the ride. But the actual design concept of these scenes is mine, and mine alone. They do this knowing they can get away with it. How dare an FAN artist make something, we will just steal it. The saddest part is how many disney artists contacted me saying “do you really think they would steal your art.” As if that is suppose to justify it. Yeah, true story. it's almost like their legal team set them up to make sure to tell me the exact words, (Four actual disney artists) The problem is, these actual artists can’t come up with half the stuff us fan artist crave from Disney but they never do it. I’m joining the bandwagon, disney needs to lay fan artists if they are going to take our ideas and concepts before copying us to sell it in their parks. this has happened to me three times. The bride scene, the door knocker, and Madame Leota scene. I finished my series and I was afraid of it happening more. Now I never share anything before it’s done.

Disneyland's 50th celebration had a list of new items and low and behold they had their version of the door knocker. Wow, what a shock it was to see this; look i get it, it's their IP, but the fact is, fan art is parody art and we are entitled to create and are protected as fan artists to create art that is our version of it and this was released almost a year before this event. I had sold several and so many of my fans knew it was a copy of what i had already released. Here is my problem, if you can't think of it first, then don't worry about doing it. Or ask the fan artist to sell theirs and make the one they made. Respect goes both ways.

Second piece

Btw for all of you out there who want to be a disney artist, think twice before ever making and selling anything that is like, or a copy of, or inspired by, I was also told, “Disney will never hire you as their artist because you make and sell your fan art.” But when I was on the documentary “Foolish Mortals” Wally Crump saw my work as it was presented to them, and be said, yeah Disney would have hired him.” Just goes to show you that modern day greed to actual talent isn’t what the Disney company wants.

My quality door knocker

They want what they can control, when they can control it, and not pay artists what they are worth. I’ll never work for them, as a corporation they make me sick.  As for the feeling and joy of the Haunted Mansion and what Walt Disney did himself and aspired to, I’ll love that part of Disney. Screw them for destroying what has always been magical about the parks.

the Original Bride Scene by Topher Adam

PLEASE BUY ORIGINAL ART FROM THE ARTIST, you don’t need a name disney on it to have value. I mean look at my work to their shit job of copies. They will always mass produce something that was never meant to be and was meant to be special and limited.

Look at how bad they made theirs and look at how beautiful mine is, why would they not just hire me, or purchase mine to sell.......

the crapy copy
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Well, if it comes to brass tacks, you are stealing their characters, artwork, etc, off the original Disney artists that created it. I know fan art is a thing, but many of these people wouldn’t be known if they were producing their own original ideas instead of taking a corporation’s ideas and making money off of it. In a way, Disney is stealing back their own designs. Sorry, I have worked in ad agencies and have no sympathy when people produce items with other people logos or characters because they are a “fan”.

Blue Rose

I’m sorry, Topher, that this happened to you. It shouldn’t have been done because it isn’t the right thing to do. And Disney has deep pockets so suing them is probably out of the question. They could just keep dragging you into court until you are exhausted! I appreciate your talent as well as other fan artists! You are the bomb!

Shirley Peacock

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