Haunted Scenes for your Haunted Mansion Disney Ornaments designed and created by Topher Adam

Haunted Scenes for your Haunted Mansion Disney Ornaments designed and created by Topher Adam

Let's face it, we all are in love with the latest Haunted Mansion ornaments Disney has produced, but I don't know about you, I want to celebrate them every day instead of one time a year. So, last year when these amazing designs came out: Madame Leota, Hatbox Ghost, and The Ghost Bride, I knew I had a task at hand. I immediately had these visions of what I would want to see these amazing ornaments in. So after a long wait, and a lot of Bibbity Bobbity Boo, I have finally finished my first release. Standing 7" tall, 5" wide, this Haunted Scene will showcase your special items to show off all year long. 

These items are very limited, they take a while to produce, but they are listed as pre-orders. We will offer them in two ways, first being by itself so you can display him however you wish, or in the glass dome so it's protected from dust and will be a wonderful addition to your mansion collection. These amazing Topher Adam collectibles will be sure to light up some joy and bring the magic home to you and all to share. 

In production we will be working on the Bride Haunted Scene, then HItchhiking Ghosts, the Singing busts ornaments and final one, Madame Leota, our favorite headless goddess. Each of these keepsake ornaments can be purchased on the Disney store, or you may have them sitting aside looking for their footing and home. Well, the wait is soon to be over as we will be launching each of these each month until we have completed the set. The pre-order for the Haunted Hattie Scene is $99.99 plus shipping, with the glass cloche dome will be $149.99 (plus shipping). 

Haunted Hattie Scene description:

Standing 7" tall, the base is 5" wide. Each scene has individual pieces that are printed one at a time, then with love, hand painted and assembled. Making each of these scenes unique. Production time is roughly 1 week at most. All parts are painted to match the original Disney paint job of each ornament. The scene includes a battery pack for two LED diodes that are already placed and ready to spark the magic for displaying your ornament. They will be produced as they are ordered.


Each scene will be shipped fully assembled, bubble wrapped, with peanuts. Shipping is based on your location, we even ship internationally, we want everyone to have one of these wonderful Topher Adam creations. 

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