How I made my Haunted Mansion Ghost Bride, by Topher Adam

How I made my Haunted Mansion Ghost Bride, by Topher Adam

Hey Foolish Mortals, it’s that time of year, and we want to decorate our haunted homes with some of the treasures we love most about the haunted mansion. When I was decorating my mansion study, i had this crazy idea to make a ghost bride. It was around Halloween and when I was at Spirit Halloween, I saw this figure and it just sparked an idea in me that I couldn’t shake until I made it. 

The ghost bride seems like an easy task, a white gown, and a black light. But there is a better way. Below you will find links on each item I purchased to accomplish my ghost bride look. Of course you have to make her blue, of course she needs a red beating heart, and of course she needs an axe. So, why not make them i said. The beating heart, we made and sell here at Imafoolishmortal. The rubber axe, I have several extras, and the rest is up to your imagination. 

So, let’s get started shall we foolish mortals….

I bought the following items (with the links, hope you can still acquire them)

Bride: Here

Gown: Haunted Mansion ghost bride costume (still can’t find them anywhere) but you can look on many sites to purchase your ghost bride wedding gown. If it looks too new, you need to age it with some “Smoke” spray paint, make sure not to soak it, just lightly spray on the edges on the ground, the neck, and anywhere else a ghost walking through the veil of life would drag her decaying bones through for years to come. 

Stand: HERE

The veil and the tiara were bunched together to make the top of the veil collect behind the tiara, (i made the tiara) but you can purchase anywhere, last Halloween i saw one at Target that lit up. 

White long wig: HERE

White long gloves: HERE

White long lace veil: HERE

Black Light: HERE

Beating red Hear pendant: We make and sell them here at

Rubber axe: I sell as I have plenty left after our show for the 50th anniversary of the haunted mansion in 2019. Send me a message. 

The rest of this happy haunt will be your choice. I have guided a few friends to make this for themselves, and with my guidance they created some wonderful happy haunts for their haunted homes. Don’t be afraid to distress your garments for a ghostly look. Add that black light to light up your costume on her to make her look like she is an apparition floating in her energy field. 

Happy Halloween! I am dying to see what you come up with. 

Your Ghost Host, Topher Adam

 Image from our booth space at “A Swinging Wake” 50th celebrations.

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