The Haunted Mansion: 50h Anniversary Lego set

The Haunted Mansion: 50h Anniversary Lego set

Remember the days when you were surrounded by all your legos on the floor, scattered all around you, multicolor possibilities at your fingertips. The countless hours of either separating them by color and brick to make sure you could build something masterfully epic and show your parents? Yup, me too! 

This is the day and age where the kid within gets to still play but he is older, wiser, and has a bigger ambition than space ships blowing up small buildings. This master of fright, or should I say lego's has built a masterpiece in my opinion. The DisneyWorld Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion for the 50th Anniversary (which comes in the year 2021, I know this because I share a birthday with the park and the mansion. HEHE)

This kit could be a very real possibility if Brett Owen can materialize enough happy haunts to like the concept for Lego to consider providing this kit to mansion goonies like you and I. This haunted home has wall to wall creaks, and running chills, it's full of some of our favorite scenes lego style. Even has a line up of some of our spirits after their more corruptible lives. Foolish Mortals, I present to you, the Lego Haunted Mansion. He needs 10,000 ghoulish votes in order for Lego to consider this delightful Mansion as a reality. 

If you are as excited about this as I am, please visit the lego site, signup, and vote for this masterpiece, I am dying to see this on the shelfs and even have one to build myself. 

LINK: The Haunted Mansion: 50th Anniversary


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Are you considering selling a brick list with instructions for purchase? It doesn’t have to be "THE Haunted Mansion, I’d be interested in a spooky house!

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