The Attic

What treasures are covered with years of haunted mist and spider webs. Years of Er looms and gifts from tenets of yesteryear. The Attic is a treasure trove of memories left behind. 
Imafoolishmortal will dig through these unique items and present them to those who would willing collect these haunted items foe their own haunted homes. Each item has either been restored or reimagined for years of delight by our imagineer Topher Adam. The ghost host himself. 

We are dying to see these uniquely handcrafted haunted homes decor items in your home. We know these oddities, obscurities, hand me downs, and ups will bring out their happy haunts to socialize for those special occasions. Each piece is a one of a kind. No two are alike and we think that is what makes our haunted home decor so wicked.