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Opera Singer Statue "Baronessa Elda"- Pre-order price of $199.99

Opera Singer Statue "Baronessa Elda"- Pre-order price of $199.99

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Baronessa Elda will sing you to death if you give her a chance, her soprano vocals are so high they will literally chase you out of the room. In her mortal life, she was an opera singer losing jobs because of her diva behavior. She got a call to visit Gracey Manor for steady work, which she agreed to.

Master Gracey showed her to the stage, telling her to perform, though the audience is empty. After she started singing, the seats were filled with the happy haunts. She tried to run away, ending up on the balcony of the mansion. Gracey plead with her to stay, while pranky spirits tied one of her braids to the balcony railing. She jumped away from one of the ghosts and fell off of the balcony, breaking her neck. Now, she gets a full house, performing in the graveyard to the rest of the ghosts.

This new statue stands about 9.5" tall, will be cast out of a plastic resin and hand painted *no two will ever be the same. A perfect addition to your collection, releasing March 2023 by Topher Adam. 

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