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Haunted Scenes - Hattie

Haunted Scenes - Hattie

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Hattie Scene

Place your Haunted Mansion HatBox Ghost Ornament in this amazing mansion inspired scene; design and created by fan artist Topher Adam. This scene is a fun way to celebrate your love for these amazing Haunted Mansion Disney Ornaments. All you have to do is unscrew the ornament from the loop that is attached, (top of his head,) and place it in the Haunted Scene by Topher Adam and enjoy all year long. *we have purchased three Hattie ornaments and have noticed that they all sit differently. We are making the footprint of Hattie to fit as many differentiations as possible to make them fit, your Hattie may not fit perfectly.)

Standing at 7" tall, with a base of 5", To power it up, use two coin cell batteries and let the magic shine onto your new Haunted Scene case for Hatbox Ghost. You can purchase with the glass cloche ($149 plus shipping) or without ($99.99 plus shipping) and place it in your own display case. 

Each unique science is 3D Printed, hand assembled, and hand painted by fan artist Topher Adam. So, put your Hatbox in his place today and order now.

*Each order will take roughly three/four days to produce.
*Each Scene are produced to order so no returns or refunds. 

*You are purchasing only the scene. (Hat Box Ornament is available online at the or in the parks)
*All Orders are processed as they are ordered in sequence. These are NOT a limited item. 

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