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Haunted Scenes - The Singing Busts

Haunted Scenes - The Singing Busts

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The Singers Haunted Scene

This is our biggest yet, we have created this detailed masterpiece to house your Disney Singing Bust ornaments set. Enjoy all year long, this ghoulish delight scene was designed with atmosphere in mind to capture the HM singing bust scene the best we know how. Spanning 14.5”  x 8” x 9.5” we have ensured you will stroll down memory lane evoking “grim grinning ghosts, come out to socialize....” each time you see this gem.

We are taking pre-orders for this piece. It will take about two weeks as each element is either printed (3D) or cast. Ever scene is hand painted, no two scenes look alike. All scenes are hand wired and powered. Orders are produced as ordered in succession of another and shipped first come first serve. 

We are dying for you to have this one. 

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