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Want to be a Stretching Portrait? Customized portraits

Want to be a Stretching Portrait? Customized portraits

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Ever dreamed of gracing the haunted hallways of a mysterious mansion? Now's your spine-tingling chance with a custom Stretching Portrait! All I require is a ghoulishly clear photo of your face, aiming in the direction of your doom—I mean, desired portrait. Each portrait costs a mere $100 per face, and for those eerie family gatherings, a minimum of 6 family souls—uh, faces—are needed.or just yourself in a single portrait will do  

Once I've captured your spirit—erm, finished your portrait—I'll ghost post it over to the store. From there, order, and await its spooky shipment. Soon, you'll have a wall screaming with your unique presence!

Do note, my phantasmic friend, I aim for a likeness in the style of the fabled Disney mansion inhabitants, not an exact soul-snatching replica. Your face will be eerily incorporated, but please remember I'm weaving you into a ghostly narrative. If a tiny specter (child) is to be depicted, the price may haunt you a bit more as I'll be conjuring an entire child-sized apparition.

I must ominously add: one spectral revision only. No refunds from the beyond, especially for finished hauntings. Non-refundable deposits (they're as stuck as a ghost in a mirror).

Ready to be immortalized in your very own haunted gallery? Let's raise the spirits together! Contact me, if you dare.

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